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- March 2013 Issue -

Hello and welcome to this issue of the "Senior Years Newsletter"...

I've missed a few issues, but hopefully I'm back at it again to continue bringing the newsletter with its informational content. It's been a busy winter but I'm back in the stream of things happening now.

Of course we are all going to be busy with our BC Elections for the next few week... I encourage you to take time to vote on May 14 coming up. Your vote is important. If you need help in this area, just call your local MLA.

So, again, I love to hear from you so send your comments using my contact form at the web site www.hofron.com.

Blessings and good health to you,

Diane M. Hoffmann, CPCA

(Certified Professional Consultant on Aging).

Issue Article of the Month

by Diane Hoffmann

Matters of Health Care

health care is of concern to all people, but especially for Seniors. Some of the issues are local but in general we all have the same 


Issue Article of the Month
by Diane Hoffmann

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