Crocheted Fashions - Gifts to buy for yourself, your Mom, a Loved One, or a friend...

Hi, Diane here... I've got some beautiful crocheted fashion items that you may like to look at for gifts for yourself, your Mom, a loved one or a friend...

I make them myself. My Mom taught me to do these, so I call them "Alphonsine Fashion Design" in honor of her. That's her name. But she passed away last year at the ripe age of ninety one.

When I need to change pace and use my creative right brain, especially in the Fall and Winter season, I usually work on these. It's a relaxing hobby for me. But it does take many hours to make each one.

Take a look! I'll be happy to package your choice of item and send it off to you personally.

That's me at the local Campbell River Market. Below is a close-up picture of some of the items in the tent.

This is a beautiful Red Jacket with a matching hat. Size is medium, which would fit a size 10 to 12.
$65. plus shipping.

This is a soft and fuzzy Blue Poncho with little glittering silver specks, and a matching Hat. Size fits small to medium (6 - 12). $55. plus shipping

Here is a really different and lovely Green Poncho with colorful yellow and orange stripes and fringe. The green is a bit darker than the picture shows because it was very bright sunny. It is medium fitting 6 to 12.
$50. plus shipping.

More will be added to this page... check again!