Liven Up Your Daily Devotions with
The Living Diary©

Do you sometimes wish that God would speak to you with a thundering voice or shattering vision like He did to the patriarchs and prophets of old?


I did too.  Until God showed me an awakening truth.

Do you know that we, in this generation, are much more privileged than our forefathers? 

Anytime we want, we can make God speak to us!

All we need to do is pick up our Bible and read it.


We can hear from the Creator anytime we want!  But…

… we are not going to hear much from God if we scantly read at random while falling asleep in bed or while gulping our instant breakfast or watching TV!

A promise of prosperity and success in the Word of God

“This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth: but you shall meditate therein day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then you shall make your way prosperous, then you shall have good success”. (Joshua 1:8).

By smartly organizing your own daily devotional, you can hear from God. 

Hi, this is Dr. Diane…

Over the last few years, I designed and perfected this devotional system as I have used it daily.  Now I am so happy to be able to make it available to you in e-book format that you can print into your own 3-ring binder.

Like me, I know you will find The Living Diary(c) daily devotional very exciting. Especially when you have accumulated several weeks and months of writings and thoughts into it.  As you look back, you will see how God has been able to work in your life in multiplied abundance.

How the Living Diary© works

The Living Diary©  daily devotional will show you how to hear from God by giving Him a chance to speak to you.

It will show you how to pattern your reading according to the time you can spend for your devotion and offer you the basic outline that I have used since I became a Christian back in the eighties.

In the instructional guidelines, you will be given a place in the Bible where to begin your devotional time with God so that you can praise and meditate on the greatness and the magnificence of God to open His courts to you.

Then you will be guided to the next books to follow systematically for maximum efficiency, continuity and flexibility.

You will be given pages where you can write special verses and thoughts that the Spirit of God gives you as you spend this time with Him. There is even a page to write questions to God as you come across certain passages that may be unclear.

Working all things together

By following this special method of reading and studying that I developed over the years, you will be amazed to see how God uses both the Old and the New testaments to work all things together in your life as a believer.

What you get in your e-book

*With your e-book you will get the complete set of pages that you will print out and insert into your own 3-ring binder to build your Living Diary©.

*Special sections covering your Daily Devotions

*Special Thoughts

*Questions for God

*References and Personal notes.

*Comprehensive instructions and guidelines on how to use these sections systematically.

Using your personal devotional

Within the sections are special pages to write your thoughts, feelings, emotions, victories, hurts, etc...

As we read the Word, it often triggers a thought that we might want to go back to at a later date.  Often, we may want to express some excitement or sorrow that a scripture has brought to our heart or mind.  There can be a great relief in `getting it out` of our system; writing these down can bring real healing. 

Later you can look back to these expressions and see how situations have changed or have  affected you,  and learn from the outcome.  Sometimes we plan areas of our lives only to realize that God had a better plan.  By having recorded it you can look over the past months and years and see how God led you in these situations and directed you at certain crossroads.

Looking for answers from God

Whenever you wonder about a Scripture or don`t understand a passage of Scripture, you will be directed to write your questions to God.

Sometimes we ask something of God but we don`t hear right away.  Other times we even forget that which we asked.

As we grow from babes to adults in our Christian walk, the Lord reveals all His secrets in the right timing.  He knows when we are ready to receive certain answers concerning His Word, His existence, Himself, life, ourselves... When answers or new revelations come to you, go to your questions and check them off, and make further notes about them if necessary.

This procedure will enable you to go back to your questions and pray for answers or understanding.  When that will come you will be able to keep track of it. 

Building your own reference bibliography

You will be led to purposely write cross-references, reminders, and comments that may come to your mind as you read the various areas of your Bible on any given day.  You may want to write down passages that you want to refer to later when you work on a speech, an article, a paper or an essay.

This is left for your own personal notes.  You may use this section for any of your additional requirements, perhaps personal planning or goals to achieve, etc.

Getting personal

With your devotional, you are encourage to write other personal notes that will come to your mind daily as you spend time with God.  Here you can also write down additional requirements on yourself such as things you want to improve in your life, in your personality; you can add specific personal planning, goals to achieve, etc.

All in one place

Imagine keeping the content of all the very personal and important aspirations of your life in one binder that you can open and review on a daily basis.  Everything is right at hand as you sit down with God and dynamically add and take out, change and check off in your pursuit of the best that God wants for you in every area of your life – spirit, soul and body!

Don’t you want to get started today?

You are but a click away from owning

your own Living Diary©

...and starting to work with God to change your life and move closer to Him…

Invest only $12.95 USD and begin a rewarding change in your spiritual, emotional and physical life.

You just can't beat that. I spent many years building this system and you can have it all ready for you to start immediately.

And you should see my binder today! I can look back to notes that I had written in the nineties and see actual conversations I had with God.  Some of the questions and comments I had written then amaze me.  I can see the growth and maturity that took place over the years in my walk with God.  I can check and see answers that God brought, miracles that took place… blessings God besought on me.

Don’t hesitate, for a moment longer.  Don't keep God waiting. He wants us to get closer to Him.

Invest in yourself and in the Kingdom of God... You can't out give God.

Look, I'll even guarantee your purchase...

If you’re not entirely satisfied, I'll give you your money back -- just send me an email and tell me why.

But I know you will love it – how can you not, it is so personal to you and it brings you closer to the Lord.  It is the start of a whole life of spiritual growth and maturity.

Go ahead – Liven Up Your Daily Devotions today!

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Diane M. Hoffmann