Housing for Seniors
-- At Home or in a Senior Community --
What Are the Options?

So, the time has come where decisions have to be made as to whether you should down-size, stay put or move into a senior community. And if the latter, what are the choices and options? Where do I begin. Well, right here with this webinar/seminar.

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Hi! Diane Hoffmann here…

A time will come -- or may be is upon us now -- in each of our lives when we will be faced with having to move from our old abode to a new phase of living in our senior years.

It needs not be a daunting experience -- if we are prepared.

This seminar/webinar was put together for that very purpose of preparing or directing you in the options and choices that you will have to make.

Whether this is for yourself or a loved one or friend whom you may be taking care of, this seminar/webinar will help you in the process of transitioning from a current home to some other type of housing.

In this webinar, we will explore all of the the following:

~ The first and most coveted option of all.

~ What are your (or your caregiving recipient) need at this time?


2.Moving to be closer to family or hospital?

3.Transitioning from a home to a senior residential care facility?

~ What are the options for each of the above?

~ What types of dwellings are available - is the only option a seniors facility right now?

~ The 6 common facilities to consider.

~ Who are eligible for public or subsidized living?

~ What is placement availability based on?

~ 5 criteria for consideration.

~ What are the cost?

~ 8 fees that may be over and above the basic cost that folks often don't think about.

~ What's the one important thing you'll need to do when a unit becomes available?

~ Where can I best get help, support and guidance?

~ 14 questions to assess your personal needs as you talk to representatives and visit various facilities and other options.

~ 2 other resources often left off as further help and support availability.

~ Resources available and how to find them in your own community.

~ 4 smart tips to avoid being intimidated as you navigate through the process.

~ and more...

~ PLUS access to me for questions you may have along the way.

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Who is this webinar for?
~ Caregivers
~ Care recipients
~ Boomers and Seniors in pre- and post- retirement process

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