The Global Mindset Report(c)

What The Global Population Is Thinking! From A Theological Point Of View...

Based on specific word searches on the Internet.

A 105-page informational and educational "must" for anyone involved in church, ministry, pastoral care, the preparation of sermons, articles or speeches.

by Diane M. Hoffmann, B.Th., M.Th., Ph.D./Th.

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Folks, we're seeing in the minds of people like never before -- thanks to the Internet!

Is the general population interested in Theology, Christianity, God, the Devil, Jesus, Sin, Creation, Salvation… ?

Well, I can tell you that in one month, when I did a search on “salvation”, 101,351 had typed in that keyword. That's AROUND THE WORLD!

According to current statistics, there are over 2.4 billion users on the Internet world-wide.

By itself, this figure of 101,351 who typed in the keyword “salvation” does not mean much. It needs something to compare it with.

So, let me give you another figure to help us place this result in perspective:

In comparison, in that same month, on the same search engine, 769,391 people typed in "harry potter". And for “horoscope”, the number was 1,467,489 (that’s one million, four hundred...)

Hello dear fellow Christian...

My name is Diane Hoffmann.

For the past thirty years, I have been a Christian entrepreneur, writer, blogger, internet marketer, publisher, director of the Link School of Ministries and Hoffmann-Rondeau Communications.

It is a real pleasure to bring you this special report on the theological mindset of the global population today which I know will be an enlightening informational, educational and inspirational tool for you, your church, your ministry, your college/university.

How do I know this? Read on.

First, let me tell you how this report came about:

I was working on a project some time ago and came across some numbers on the Internet that compared what people are keying in, around the world, as their personal searches.

So I got curious as to what people are thinking from a theological point of view.

I went on a search of my own which revealed an awesome view of “the last generation”. We know pretty well what was on people’s minds in the time of Noah. They didn’t have the Internet then. But Genesis 6 tells us what was on their minds.

I said to myself, “I wonder how many people are interested in Theology?” “What about “Christianity?” “What about the Bible… Creation… Sin… the Devil… the Church… Adam & Eve...?

And then, to make it mean something, how do these issues compare to others of the top topics of interest in the minds of the human race today?

Out of the 11 specifically chosen main categories, some 80 sub-categories and over 8,000 results came this report.

Please keep in mind as you read the report that these figures are GLOBALLY (around the world - around the planet) and in ONE MONTH (not annual figures), and from one of the top search engines.

The Report:

In the report, I give you the top 10 (and then the top 11 to 20 and 21 to 40) issues that people around the world, today, are interested in as compared to the report’s significant main categories (Part 1).

After that, follows an extensive report of the over 80 specific sub-categories with their over 8,000 results. (Part 2).

Think of what you can do with these results at your fingertips!

You can look up any of the specific search terms and see all of the variations of inquiries people have searched, which you can use for your sermons, articles, research papers, group studies, course presentations, speeches, etc., etc. -- just by referring to the comprehensive, simple and well organized 105-page report.

Before I go further, I need to outline how I got my categories and sub-categories.

How many people are interested in...

When I decided to do the search after I got curious, my first question was, “I wonder how many people would be interested enough about ‘theology’ to actually key in the word in a search?”

So I called up the word “theology”. Then I thought, “What about ‘philosophy’ as compared to ‘theology’?”

Then I thought of a whole number of specific words that would reveal the mindset of people around the world as concerning theology, Christianity and/or religion, the Bible and other intimate tendencies like sin, salvation, love, hate, current events, news items, etc.

My mind was just reeling with the recurring question, “I wonder how many people around the world are interesting in this word or issue or topic as compated to that one and another.”

In my report, you get the list of all of these thousands of keywords results.

And it didn’t stop there. I checked other keywords within science, and movies, and Muslims and Jews, Israel... altogether over 80 specific words that indicate the interest of people around the world.

By themselves, the results mean nothing. They need to be compared to something else within each of the searches, topics and issues – all from a theological point of view. The report gives you that.

Current issues on people’s minds

Then I did a search on what would be some current issues on people’s minds within terrorism, news and global items, health, medicine, business -- all of them comparing the results within a theological point of view.

Then I checked comparative issues within sex, and foods, romance, pleasure, sports, men, women, animal, soul, etc. The results are fascinating and you will get to see them all in my “Global Mindset Report 2013(c)”.

And my last category was on “marriage”, “divorce”, “polygamy”, “monogamy”, “love”, “hate”, etc.

A report like this would cost hundreds of dollars if you hired someone to do it for you and countless hours of labor if you did it yourself.

But you can have it on your desk TODAY for the special time-limited offer of only $17 (regular $47). But you must act NOW before it goes back to the regular price.

Here's the link to order your own copy of The Global Mindset Report(c) RIGHT NOW!

Looking forward to serve you,
Yours in Christ,

Diane M. Hoffmann

P.S.: Don’t miss this opportunity – you can’t go wrong. My guarantee is that if you’re not entirely satisfied, let me know within 15 days and I will arrange for a full refund.