Nutrition, Fitness and Health for Seniors Webinar 
-- Living healthier and smarter as we age.

Studies show that more than half of older adults who visit emergency health clinics or hospital are either malnourished or at risk for malnutritrion. That's not because of the lack of access to health care, critical illness or dementia, but because they do not taylor their eating lifestyle to the needs of an aging body.

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Hi! Diane Hoffmann hereā€¦

It's amazing how many seniors (and younger people too) miss the mark of health just because they do not take time to feed proper foods into their bodies for optimum functional results.

And most of the necessary changes that need to be done are minimal. For instance, in my webinar I start off by giving the most basic needs that is free and immediately accessible.

Yet most people do not follow that simple well known advice -- just because they cannot grasp the thought of how critical that one thing is in the proper functioning of the body and internal organs.

In this webinar, we will explore all of the the following:

~ The #1 and simplest thing to keep the body functioning.

~ The #2 simple element that needs to be kept in high levels.

~ The 2 things that should be kept to minimum in your diet.

~ Understanding the type of fitness the body needs.

~ The 2 types of functional capacity seniors need to be aware of.

~ Understanding cholesterol and how to control it.

~ The aging process that takes place which is unknown to most seniors.

~ Why exercise is so important.

~ Do seniors need nutritional supplement?
~ A final word in summary.

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Who is this webinar for?
~ Seniors
~ Caregivers who care for a senior.
~ Boomers and Seniors in pre- and post- retirement process

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