A Poem For Seniors: "Lifespan"

This is a poem for seniors in reflection of their life that I wrote some years ago...

by Diane M. Hoffmann


Like the seeds in the field
In spring, we do not yield
We grow without duty
Up until we reach twenty

While careless and discontent
Summer brings us amazement
As we blossom suddenly
Up until we reach forty

Our feet up by the fire
Winter let's us retire
How short is the journey
Up until we reach eighty

Life may be extended
But our health offended
So we must be ready
For when God takes us away

Lifespan copyright by Diane M. Hoffmann 2000-

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Diane M. Hoffmann is the founder of Hoffmann-Rondeau Communications which offers services to boomers and seniors at https://www.hofron.com

Past member of CPCA (R)

Certified Professional Consultant on Aging.