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The replays are up for about 5 weeks, the oldest ones being replaced with each new current shows when uploaded each week.

Those prior to the last one shown on the replays are available on CD's as listed below.

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Current Replays available:

Show #71 : In my Bible devotion recently, I found myself in the book of Nehemiah, again. I've been there before and I know that some of you have also. It is a fascinating story of a people, a nation, trying to rebuild itself after a long captivity in a strange land that had been ordered by God as punishment for much disobeying and rebelling. It has been the subject of many a sermon over the generations – ours included – but I will do a take on it today focusing specifically on the actual time of rebuilding, particularly as to the difficulties and adversities that took place, and which take place with any of us who are in the work of God and the Kingdom. I’ve entitled this message “Destiny Leadership”… because it’s all about leadership, strong leadership.

Show #70 : As we have just begun a brand new year, it is a good thing to remember the importance of keeping ourselves right before God. And for this, I will re-visit and update a message from over a year ago which is out of chapters 33 and 34 of the book of Ezekiel -- as it pertains to the end times, prophecies and warnings, particularly warnings to those of us who know the truth and the responsibility we have to pass on that truth to others. This is especially for those who have been called of God to be watchmen -- to warn the righteous and the unrighteous of the things to come.

Show #69 : This is the Sunday before New Year's Eve. Last week we looked at the birth of Jesus the Christ - or the Jewish Messiah, the announcement of the news to the shepherds and their subsequent visit to Bethlehem. In this program, we are looking at what took place after the birth. And we also wish all a most happy, prosperous and healthy New Year to all...

Show #68 : Well this is the Sunday before Christmas and I want to wish everyone a most Merry and Enjoyable Christmas day and week… and I pray that this Christmas will be one of special blessings to you even if you are alone this Christmas, know that Jesus is with you — believe and receive His promise. Today, I will bring an encore of last week’s Christmas message because it was a blessing to so many and some people did not get to hear the wonderful traditional Christmas music that was arranged along with the message of the birth of Jesus Christ and the announcement of the Angels of Peace and Goodwill to men...

Show #67 : In the beginning, the Word, Part 2 -- In the last program, I covered the announcement of the virgin birth of Jesus, from the book of Luke. Luke is the gospel writer who told us the most about the virgin birth of Jesus, and that makes sense because he was a physician and this would be a very interesting and fascinating subject matter to him. In this program we're going to skip over the visit of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth for now, Mary’s song of praise and John the Baptist’s birth and purpose, and go straight to the birth of Jesus, beginning with reading from the book of Matthew and then from the book of Luke as per our chronology of events.

Show #66 : In the beginning, the Word -- Following last week's program from the book of John, today I am going to take us into another awesome look at this great book looking at the pre-existance of Jesus before His earthly birth -- as no other synoptic gospels cover....

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