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Hello, Dr. Diane here. I'm excited that you have come to this page to listen to the replays of the Virtual Church for the Spiritual Unchurched radio shows.

The replays are up for about 5 weeks, the oldest ones being replaced with each new current shows when uploaded each week.

Be blessed and enjoy the Word of God from scriptures!

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Dr. Diane

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Current Replays available:

Show 229, Messiah Visitation, EndTimes and Prophecies. As many of you know, Virtual Church for the Spiritual Unchurched is celebratingits its 5th year of radio show production this year, and as such I will be replaying some of the best blast from the past. Today is one of those that is so relevant anytime, and that should be played every couple of years at least as a reminder of our Lord's imminent return... speaking of the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, that not many churches cover enough in these very end times. So let's start here today with the 1st coming that took place some 2000 years ago and that was missed by His own chosen people.

Show 228, On the Name of the Father. This is a follow-up to a program played a few months ago, about the misinterpretation of a particular scripture in the New Testament. I heard it misquoted again recently a couple of times...and this is what precipitated me to replay that program – but updated with more Biblical facts to further emphasize the importance of our responsibility to do our due diligence in researching the original meaning of the scriptural text.

Show 227 Easter and Passover. Following the celebration of Easter last week where we completed the story of Nehemiah as a destiny leader, in this program today we are looking at the details of Passover or as we call it today--Easter.

Show 226 Leadership for the EndTimes, Part 3. In this program we continue in our Bible story of Nehemiah as a model of destiny leadership. Last week we ended with the great celebration that followed after the completion of the rebuilding of the wall, the restoration of the temple offices and appointments, the great reformation of the people of Judah that took place under Nehemiah and Ezra.

Show 225 Leadership for the EndTimes, Part 2. In this program we pick up from last week's where we are looking at leadership according to one particular powerful story in the book of Nehemiah -- how under his leadership the people set out to rebuild the walls of their city Jerusalem, many years after destruction by the enemy. We see the qualities of a leader, the perseverance, prayer and trust in a God who will see them through all adversity.

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