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Hello, Dr. Diane here. I'm excited that you have come to this page to listen to the replays of the Virtual Church for the Spiritual Unchurched.

The replays are up for about 5 weeks, the oldest ones being replaced with each new current shows when uploaded each week.

Those prior to the last one shown on the replays are available on CD's as listed below.

Be blessed and enjoy the Word of God from scriptures!

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Dr. Diane

Current Replays available:

Show 182 Why Study the Book of Revelation/EndTimes and Prophecies.We are now living in the end times that we read about in the book of Revelation and the prophets of the Old and the New Testaments. Yet a recent report says that the book of Revelation is one of the least read books in the Bible by believers, including pastors who avoid preaching about it to their congregations. Is this not a good reason why we should be reading and studying this book of these end-times?

Show_181_Our_English_Bible_Part4_EndTimes_and_Prophecies.This program is Part 3 continuation of the history of our English Bible from the 1600's to King James.

Show_180_Our_English_Bible_Part3_EndTimes_and_Prophecies.This program is Part 3 continuation of the history of our English Bible from the 1600's to King James.

Show_179_Our_English_Bible_Part2_EndTimes_and_Prophecies.This program is Part 2 continuation of the history of our English Bible from the 1500's to the King James.

Show_178_Our_English_Bible_EndTimes_and_Prophecies.A couple of years ago, I did a radio show on the history of our English Bible... I like to replay those shows every year or so for those who have not heard it before and/or for those of us who like to hear a reminder of what it took to make our English Bible available to us. So I am bringing that again to our attention at this time just as it was delivered back then with minor up-dates. This program brings a history of how we got our English Bible.

CD's of previous shows available through PayPal for $5 each US, (including shipping) at the following links:

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Shows #160 to 169

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Shows #140 to 149

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