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Current Replays available:

Show #51: True meaning of words -- In the Bible there are many words that are misunderstood when people read the Word of God. Some of these words are never translated or clarified for understanding, and go on being used over and over by one preacher and another without proper interpretation, thus carrying with it the perpetual misunderstanding or lack of understanding that is needed for the true meaning of the original language -- in other words the true meaning of what God originally intended. In this messsage I examine one particular word that has been misused in a big way which most people are not aware of and that I hear being proclaimed constantly… and which has serious implications in the way we look at marriage today.

Show #50: This message contains a super encouragement about hope which is something that a lot of people have lost amidst the chaotic days we live in today. It is fascinating to see how each decades we’ve come through are so unique within each other… for example, we read about the political and cultural uniqueness and differences of the 20’s , 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc… even the music is unique from one decade to the other – the 40’s is different from the 50’s, the 50’s from the 60’s… and so on. There are specific pillars that hold society together, which, if we lose them, we will lose our stronghold on society. From the spiritual point of view, there are signs that we can recognize. In this message today I was particularly interested in the question, “When did the falling away spoken about in 2nd Thessalonians 2:3 begin? We can know that by the pillars that we either hold on to, or lose by our own disregard or neglect.

Show #49: Life in Christ from the book of Galatians -- In a previous program, within the focus view of EndTimes, Prohecies and Life Now, I ended with the strong encouragement of seizing the truths of the reality of eternal life from a passage of the book of Ephesians. Today I will continue this important part of living a righteous life before God from the book of Galatians and I will pick up from chapter 3 where the gospel is explained again, to the saints, who were being deceived into having to go back to the law -- after Christ’s work on the cross for freedom from the law. Then I will go from there to the practical of living by faith through grace.

Show #48: Where Are We Now? -- In keeping with the essence of these radio programs being on End Times, Prophecies and the issues of today, I thought I should bring an up-date of where we are now in the development of the End Times and Prophecies… a lot of people are asking the question ‘where are we in the end times?’ As the Word of God says, no-one knows the day and the hour, but -- we will know the season. Especially right now after this historic meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki, which a lot of people are talking about and speculating on… and many not in such a positive way, because most people don’t know what is really taking place behind the scenes from the spiritual point of view…

Show #47: Religion In Canada -- I recently did a review of Brian Stiller’s book “From the Tower of Babel to Parliament Hill” for my web site… and one of the results from it was that of looking into the background history of religion here in our own local region of British Columbia. During that same week, I came across a program somewhere that pointed out how Christianity has declined to our current times... saying that it all began when we threw God out “about 50 years ago”. Of course 50 years ago takes us back to the 60’s, which Peter Collier & David Horowitz called destructive Generation in their book “Destructive Generation—Second thoughts about the 60’s”, and Pierre Berton referred to as “the last good year” in his book “1967”…

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