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Current Replays available:

Show 138, Our_Bible_EndTimes_Prophecies_Part2. Today I pick up from last week’s program and continue on the history of our English Bibles, from the point of view within the history of England and the English language on the development from the 1500’s continuing up until the King James Bible and then how other translations followed suit afterwards. As I already mentioned last week there is so much to the background of our English Bible to be learned -- and above all to be appreciated. I think that most people have truly forgotten what the Bible is all about – how precious it is… as the Word of God… and what it took to bring it to us the people. Again this study is not about the wherefrom of the manuscripts, the references of the Codex and Textus Receptus, or the Apocripha, the Canon, and so on… but it is about the translations of the Bible.

Show 137, Our Bible, EndTimes and Prophecies. Every once in a while I like to review where our Bible came from, so that we don't forget the history behind it and so that we continue to appreciate or for some of us, begin to appreciate, the background of this wonderful Word of God that we are so privileged to have still today. I am reminded of an article I wrote many years ago about the various translations of the Bible that began shortly after the king James Bible. These translations are actually what brings us back to the 17th century when the King James was written in order to bring everybody to one common book that could be read together by all Christians... because at that time there were already various Bibles written by various authors. So today we are back to that time again with everybody having different versions of the Bible that cannot be read and understood co-relatively. We'll look at the history of the Word of God in this replay of a program that I did about a year ago, and with minor updates for today.

Show 136, Pestilences of the EndTimes and Prophecies, Part 2. I came across a couple of headlines that caught my eyes as I was preparing to work on this week's radio program. One was “The Great Quarantine Revival You Are Not Hearing About”. And the other, was “Shock Poll: Me-Centered Gospel Results In Dramatic Drop Of Biblical Beliefs”. Talk about deception. There are some good things coming out of all the troubling times of the end times that we are experiencing and there are some not so good that serve as warnings for us to improve our living and in some cases to repent of our sins. On the issue of God warning His people, I said in the last program that God holds us accountable for our living on this earth... and I came across a reminder this week of the scripture that says that “to whom much is given, much is required” (Luke 12:48). The “to whom” here is us.

Show 135, Pestilences of the EndTimes and Prophecies. In this program, I continue from the last program on the subject of pestilences of the end times because they are part and parcel of the prophecies of our Lord in the book of Matthew, Mark and Luke, and the book of Revelation. We do need to talk about this unusual and critical current situation because as I said last week, people are wondering what is going on and where this is all leading to and we all need to be informed of the last days events to expect. I heard a program just recently that 98% of churches do not touch the subject... I don't know, that seems a little high, but to tell you the truth, most churches that I know of do exactly that... they don't touch the issue of the end times. So I get into that a bit more in this week's program.

Show 134, How Close Are We, continued, EndTimes and Prophecies. Alright so last week I re-played the program on the calculation of the timing of the events of the last times based on the book of Daniel. Today I am getting back to the current affairs of the corona-virus situation that we are now experiencing. There is so much regarding that situation, it's hard to cover everything -- I mean it's impossible to cover everything, every few minutes as I put programs together up-dates of information blast the news channels. I'll probably have to keep on this for a couple of programs, however I don't want to make this the normal programming content and talk about this only, there is much to cover in the general teaching of the great book of the Word of God. But we do need to talk about this unusual and critical current situation because people are wondering what is going on and where is this all leading to, there are so many questions... and many questions unanswered. So I get into that in this program.

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