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Show #109 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Our English Bible. In a Bible teaching recently, I asked the participants around the table to each read one verse of the chapter we were studying. I couldn't help noticing the various versions the people read from. It reminded me of an article I wrote many years ago about the various translations of the Bible that began shortly after the king James Bible was produced. These translations are actually what brings us back to the 17th century when the King James was written in order to bring everybody to one common book that could be read together by all Christians. Today we are back to that time with everybody having different versions of the Word of God that cannot be read and understood correlatively. This program brings a history of how we got our English Bible.

Show #108 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Time of Messiah part 4. The last CD was what was supposed to be the last part of my series on the message “where are we in the end times time-line?” But there was so much to cover yet in order to get to that final answer that another part was needed... so this is Part 4 which takes us to the finish line of that famous question.

Show #107 -- EndTimes, Prophecies, Time of Messiah part 3. This is the last of the three-part message on the question that so many people are asking, 'where are we in the end times time-line?' It began with reviewing the time of Messiah when He came to earth the 1st time some two-thousand years ago, then the prophecies of the book of Daniel that projected the exact time of His coming when Jesus entered Jerusalem sitting on a donkey, as well as the time of Messiah's second coming that will take place in the end time. All this leading up to God's plan for the end times of the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy. In this program we wrap up the question 'where are we in the end times time-line?

Show #106 -- EndTimes, Prophecies, Time of Messiah Part 2. Continuing on the answer to "where are we in the end times time-frame?", in the last program we looked at how the Jewish people missed the first coming of the Messiah, which led us to see the danger of the church to miss the first event of the second coming of Christ which is the rapture of the church. In this program I expound on the prophecies in the book of Daniel, specifically to do with the seventieth week of the end time tribulation. 

Show #105 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Time of Messiah.

A lot of people are asking the question "where are we in the end times time-frame." I have some new information that I will be sharing soon, analysing and deciphering some of the latest revelations on that. But first we need to look at the background that will take us up to today regarding Jesus Christ, the Messiah's first coming, which was missed by the Jewish people. Then part 2 next week will look at the timing as prophesied in the book of Daniel, and then part 3 will look at the answer to the question "where are we in the end times time-frame."

Show #104 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Peter and the Rock, Part 2.

As mentioned in the last program on Peter and the Rock, from Matthew 16:18, I continue building up on this passage of scripture, adding even a couple of things that I didn't get to include in that exciting message of the scene and conversation that took place between Jesus, Peter and the disciples, on that impressive rocky cliff at Ceaserea Philippi.

Show #103 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Peter and the Rock.

I was listening to a prominent preacher on the television not long ago who referred at some point to Peter in the bible, whom some churches believe was the first pope. He then went on to explain that the words Peter and rock in the famous scripture of Matthew 16:18 do not mean the same thing. He then said something else that caught my attention and that got me to check the scripture in question. But the exciting thing about this is that while I looked this up I saw something else, awesome, that I had not really noticed before and that's what I'm sharing today in this program.

Show #102 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Politics in the Church.

This program is on Politics in the Church, since we are just a few weeks from an important Canadian federal election. This is a critical issue in the body of believers, yet too many have forgotten the extreme responsibility that we have to get out and vote for the keeping of our Christian values, especially right now when there is so much going on here and around the world. Politics and the Church used to be all rolled into one in the Old Testament. Today many Christians don’t even bother to vote in many cases nor provide volunteer services to their local party representatives. And then they complain about how this party or that one is failing their expectations. This program helps us understand the problem and how it can be solved.

Show #101 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Humility.

There is a scripture passage in the Bible that I have often remembered at various times in observable situations, which I unpacked into a message over a year ago. I was led of the Lord to repeat this program today, with some minor updates. The passage I am referring to actually contains a parable that works well with the list of parables I've been covering in these current programs. This one is a wonderful teaching from our Lord about genuine humility. 

Show #100 --EndTimes, Prophecies and Candle Under a Bushel.

In this CD I am back to looking at the parables of our Lord in Matthew 13 and Mark 4. I already covered the Parables of the Sower, the Wheat and the Tares, the Mustard Seed, the Seed Cast in the Ground... today I move on to the Parable of the Candle in Mark 4 which also appears in the book of Luke, chapter 8. All of these parables mentioned here, are under the category of those which have for their subject matter the laws of the Kingdom of God or the Divine Kingdom in its growth, its nature and its consummation.

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