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Show #29 -- A tribute to Rev. Billy Graham.
In this program, I segway a bit from the regular topics to do a tribute to the life of Rev. Billy Graham, in the wake of his recent passing from this world into eternity.  An amazing life his was from the time of his conversion at the age of 16 to the very end almost a century later. I have a book in my library titled, “Great Leaders of the Christian Church” published by Moody Press. Some 64 of these well known and not so well known influential leaders in church history from Peter to Augustine, to John Wyclif, to Martin Luther, Tyndale, Calvin, Wesley, Spurgeon, Wilberforce, Moody, and so on…  are acclaimed in these biographical sketches. And when I heard about the passing of Billy Graham, I remembered from my earlier reading that this great man of God was the last one in that book published in 1988,  30 years before his death… he is the only one in that book whose date of birth is followed by a dash and a blank…

Show #28 -- Daniel and the time of the coming of Messiah.
In this CD, I pick up from the book of the prophet Daniel where he speaks of the time of the coming of the Messiah. The background of this passage of scripture is the visions that Daniel had of the times of the end which began with the statue in the dream of the king of Babylon in Chapter 2 of Daniel. Then the vision of Daniel several years later which is connected to the previous dream of the king of Babylon. Then, Daniel’s other vision about 2 years after that. Then we get into the vision of the seventy weeks which is what we’re talking about today as the prophecy of when the Messiah was to come  which is what the Jewish people missed at His visitation and which was in essence His 1st coming, when God personally brought the Gospel – or the Good News – of Salvation.

Show #27 -- Who are the Jewish People.
In keeping with the edge of these radio programs right here on the Virtual Church for the Spiritual Unchurched, titled 'End  Times, Prophecies, and whatever the current issue is'… I will today focus on Judaism -- speaking about the Jewish people. I come across a lot of comments or statements all the time that point to the fact that there’s a lot of misunderstanding about who the Jewish people are within the context of the chosen people of God, and how critical they are in the historical time-frame of God, especially now in the end times in which we live – these are our times, that’s where you and I live in today.  Some of our fellow Christians lived in centuries previous to ours, and millennia, but we, us, are living here and now. As I was seeking the Lord, again as I always do, for what He wants me to cover in the current agenda, the Lord led me to some interesting information about the reason why Jewish people did not receive Jesus Christ who came at the time prophesied in the Old Testament… why did they miss that visitation of their Messiah. And that leads us to this question: are we today making the same mistake about His second coming? We'll take a look at that.

Show #26 -- The believer's life in Christ
So in the last programs we looked at the believer’s Life Now. In this program, we will get into a little deeper, in “the believer’s Life in Christ”. For this, we are looking at the book of Colossians because in the last message, we were sent to this book from the letter to the Galatians as a reference to who Christ is which I will re-read again as we begin this message. This book to the Colossians is just a short book of 4 chapters but wow is it ever loaded with powerful truths about who Christ is. Like the other letters, we can divide this one also in sections that make it easy for studying. The 4 chapters of this letter to the Colossians can be split into two main sections: 1.The Lordship of Christ, 2.His Lordship in the life of the believer. This is sandwiched between the Salutation of the letter, prayer for the saints there in Colossae, and then the conclusion and exhortation of Paul to the saints.

Show #25 -- Life Now and Warnings, Part 3.
In my last program, within the focus view of End Times, Prophecies and Life Now, I ended with the strong encouragement of seizing the truths of the reality of eternal life. And as I was trying to sort through all the topics that was going through my head and spirit for this program, the Lord clearly led me to the book of Galatians as a turning point to the relevant message for today. Similar to the letter to the Ephesians, this letter also has 2 main sections of knowing our position in Christ and then conducting our Christian lives accordingly once we know that Christ is central to everything we do. This letter also contains a third main section that deals with Paul’s defense of his apostleship. The latter was also briefly mentioned previously in the book of Ephesians, in that Paul was not bluffing or bragging about his calling in chapter 4 and verse 11 where we read that God through the work of Jesus Christ gave gifts to the saints, of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers of which he, Paul, dutifully received in his calling. And I will pick up from chapter 3 where the gospel is explained again, to the saints, who were being deceived into having to go back to the law -- after Christ’s work on the cross for freedom from the law -- and then go from there to the practical of living by faith through grace.

Show #24 -- End Times, Prophecies and Increase of Knowledge.
As you know, these radio programs are about current issues placed within a framework of end-times and prophecies… why?, because that’s where we live today… in the end times. There is so much going on and happening that one cannot keep up with the news and the reports and the information. In the book of Daniel, after the discourse of the visions of the end times, God told the prophet to seal the book until God’s appointed time. And Daniel was perplexed and insisted on knowing from the two figures who stood on the banks of the river, when these things he had seen would come to pass. But he was told again, “… Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.” So, people would run to and fro and knowledge would be increased, we are told. It is interesting -- actually awesome and amazing -- that for 6,000 years of history, it is only in the last 200 years or so that we have seen cars, trains, boats and planes become available for transporting masses of people…around the world! Then we have all the other elements of surprise and shock that has been increasing around us, especially in the last couple of decades at all levels of life in religion, politics, technology, science, medicine, genetically modified organism, etc, etc… that exponentially multiplies on a daily basis. People often ask me where are we in the time-frame of the end times. Well, I always say that we’re right into the book of Revelation, from what I can see, but this thing that I’m about to talk about tells us that we are deep into it…

Show #23 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and "Life Now', part 2.
In the last program we looked at Life Now as an abundant life here and now. Today, we’re going to continue in our digging into the brilliant and rich letter to the Ephesians which is at the early times of the New Testament. I did cover last week the background of where the letter of Ephesians is situated within the New Testament, but I will review that again in this program before moving on to pick up from where we left off.

Show #22 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and 'Life Now', Part 1.
In the last program we looked at Life After Death. Today, we’re going to look at “Life Now”  -- In other words there is abundant life in the here and now. And to do that we’re going to go to the New Testament time, at Jesus’ first coming which was prophesied throughout the Old Testament. To set the background of where we are going to read from, the New Testament is comprised of 5 basic sections. First, we have the Gospel, or the Good News of Jesus Christ  which is the declaration of the Salvation or Redemption of God toward mankind as delivered by God Himself in the person of Jesus Christ...  to the Jew first and then to the Gentiles. We read about Jesus’ ministry in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Secondly, we have the book of Acts which is the history of the church – and “church” does not mean or refer to any denomination -- it is the real and original church of Jesus Christ when the Gospels were declared unto the world of that time by the apostles through the work of the Holy Spirit. Thirdly, the letters or the epistles -- general and specific -- on the explanation of Redemption and how to live the believer's new life in Christ. Fourthly, we have the last book, the book of Revelation which is the Revelation of Jesus Christ on the end times, His 2nd coming, and prophecies of the future. So in this program we’re going to look within the 4th section which is the letters to the churches, and specifically examine the letter to the Ephesians.

Show #21 -- Life after death.
So, in the last two programs particularly, I talked about false teachings and false prophets. Interestingly, as I was preparing to put together this message, a new video landed on my desk from the Dennis Prager University, which talks about “life after death”. For those who don’t know Dennis, he is a well known and one of America’s most respected syndicated national radio talk show host, author of several books on life, culture, religion, etc., broadcasting on the Salem Media network. He is Jewish and a strong believer in the Old Testament and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and has taught the Hebrew Bible verse by verse at the American Jewish University for many years. The video is his take on the question “Is there an afterlife”. He intellectualizes his answer well, and makes a good analysis of this question that is on the mind of many -- but all without the help or involvement of the New Testament -- which totally limits the answer to the question. In the end, after delivering his thoughtful answer that life after death does exist, he says, “Finally, people always ask me, So, what happens in the afterlife? To which I can only respond: I don’t know." And this is where I pick up from, through the New Testament to further explain the truth and knowledge of the life that there is after death, according to the Word of God...

Show #20 -- Warnings on False Teachings.
In this program, we look at some of the false teachings taking place around us.  Certainly we will not be able to exhaust all of what there is out there, but enough to put us on our guard. For one thing, I talked earlier, a few programs ago, about this new pseudo-christian organization – and I say organization instead of church, because that’s what it is, an organization and not a church, although the founder of this false group calls it a church. On the surface, it looks good… but one only needs to watch it a few moments and it becomes quite clear that it is a false teaching… and I’m talking about this group who has been appearing on some television networks throughout the world really, out of the Phillipines. I saw it on a Canadian network as well as videos from events in the US. Many people are being drawn into it -- I noticed mostly of Asian ethnicity -- I guess because of the founder’s same nationality, but others are adding themselves to the compelling group. But Jesus Himself warned us of these things. We read this in Matthew 24, verses 23-25 ...

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