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Show #39 -- On Heaven & Hell.
A lot of people don’t believe in hell any more. But they still believe in heaven. They say that a good and loving God would not send people to hell -- but He would send them all to heaven. Both heaven and hell have been in the Word of God since the beginning of time and all of a sudden, toward the end times, people managed to take hell out of it and keep heaven in it. Isn’t that interesting. Not so long ago, the current Pope of the Catholic Church said that atheists will go to heaven if they follow their conscience. And more recently, he is said to have told his followers that there is no hell… howbeit, a news coverage from the BBC reported that the Pope did not actually say that, it was misquoted by some Italian journalist… or whatever. However, whatever the case may be, we are to test everything we hear by the Word of God, so we do that in this CD…

Show #38 -- the Day of Pentecost.
Well just this last Monday (May 14, 2018) was the official 70th birthday of modern Israel so I want to wish the land a happy birthday and many good returns for the next 70 years… shalom. About 3 weeks ago, I did a program on what took place after the Resurrection of Jesus. As I mentioned before I always like to look at what happened the weeks before and after Biblical events that we celebrate. In that program after Easter, I looked at the 40 days that Jesus spent on earth after the Resurrection… which took us to His Ascension when He went up, back to His glory in the heavens… leaving with us the command of “the Great Commission” to go and proclaim the gospel…
Today is the day of Pentecost which took place 50 days after the Resurrection of our Lord, or 10 days after His Ascension. Jesus had told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they would be endued by the Holy Spirit. So what was it all about for the Christians? We look at that in this CD...

Show #37 -- God the Creator.
In the last few programs, I talked about Jesus in His various aspects in the events of Bible History… today I’d like to expand that into a further demonstration of who Jesus really is. There are many people throughout the world who are confused about this subject matter, and who lack knowledge and understanding of God and Jesus. Many, including some Christians have made Him to be a friend more than the God of Creation that He is -- through their teachings and a lack of “fear” or “reverence” – especially the newer generation who are not familiar with the Bible anymore. I remember seeing a later movie about Jesus some years ago where Jesus was portrayed as frolicking with His disciples… we have brought Him down to mere human… yes He was human but He was also God – He was first God who made himself flesh, temporarily, for a twinkling of time to accomplish the mission of redeeming mankind… and as such we owe Him all reverence. An article I read some time ago described 3 different camps from which Americans see God.  We look at that in this CD...

Show #36 -- On Church and Politics.
I talked about the issue of “judging” a few programs ago… I am reminded of a chapter in my book “24 hot potatoes in the church today” where I wrote about the issue of politics in the church. It was an after thought as I was completing my book and tagged it onto the chapter about “sloppiness in the church”… this meaning that we are sloppy in some issues within the church… and the involvement of politics is one of them. I didn’t include a whole chapter on this topic in my book, simply because I was already up to 24 chapters, whereas I had started with planning 20 chapters… so as I said I “tagged” a brief coverage of this onto the existing chapter about sloppiness in the church. However, it is definitely an important issue – I would say even critical issue -- in the church and feel strongly that I have to touch on this today, because there is so much going on right now within the governing of nations everywhere – and particularly our own and that of our neighbour to the south which concerns all of us right here where we live. Whenever I bring up the subject of politics in the Church, Christians always respond with negative comments and how politics is corruct and this and that… and I always say to them that we are in a mess because of the very fact that we, as Christians are not involved. We look at the responsibility of the Church in this CD...

Show #35 -- Do Not Judge... Ever?
There’s a particular statement that I often – and I mean often – come across and that is “Don’t judge”…  I just came across it again just a couple of days ago, which is why I’m addressing this issue today. In recent years, the statement “do not judge” has become increasingly used and over-used to respond to controversial matters within the church and the Word of God. When disagreements arise regarding something wrong that is going on somewhere, everyone jumps on the case with the scriptural quote, “do not judge.” However, the problem is that most Christians don’t understand that the scripture they are quoting is used incorrectly and out of context. Of course, if a brother or sister is caught doing something questionable where no facts are evident, we are not to judge. That’s where the saying “innocent until proven guilty” coined within the legal system comes in, which principle means that the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on the one who denies. One cannot judge unless one has the facts. Today, when someone murders, or steals, commits adultery or disrupts the status quo within society, we are quick to declare “do not judge,” thinking that we are doing the Word of God a favor.

Show #34 -- After the Resurrection.
Just a couple of programs ago we were celebrating Easter/Passover. I will pick up from there to take us to “After the resurrection”, because I always like to look at what took place after certain events that we celebrate from biblical history... like, what was happening a few weeks before Christmas, or Easter, or after those events. Today I’m looking at what happened after Jesus was Resurrected. We know that after the resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples, then he appeared to many throughout the land of Israel, over a time period of 40 days. One of the quibbles some have about the Resurrection is the issue of the 3 days and 3 nights… some people even turn the event taking place on the 4th day which is totally contrary to what the Bible says… well there is a very simple explanation and I will get into that in this program.

Show #33 -- Why No Revival?
We are looking at revivals in these programs right now and today I will pick up from the last service and get into some of the details of what was called the Great Hamilton revival of 1857 with Dr.Walter and Mrs Phoebe Palmer. In the book “Memoirs of Mrs Phoebe Palmer”, which is over 600 pages, there are records of the Palmers’ experiences from the journals and letters Phoebe wrote in their travels, from their hometown in the state of New York in the U.S. right up westward to Napanee and northward to Barrie, Ontario, and even some later on further Eastward to Quebec and the Maritimes from where they would receive invitations to conduct revival meetings. It is interesting that when speaking of the revivals they undertook in Canada, Phoebe calls it Upper and Lower Canada... it brings to mind the fact that this was still prior to Confederation! Mrs Palmer’s many letters endeavor to tell the readers she is writing to, how the work began and proceeded, and I go into that in this CD...

Show #32 -- Why No Revial? (1).
Every day I hear people say that there’s a Revival coming… it sounds wonderful and I do hope there would be. However my bible says that there will be an apostacy in the end time. Speaking of the end time, Jesus said, “… when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? In Matthew 24, Jesus tells us that in the end time, it will be as in the time of Noah… we know that in that time of Noah, God could only find 8 righteous people. I’m not saying there will only be that few people at this time of the end, but we know that it will be only a remnant – and a remnant is about 10-15%... now I’m not saying that the same percentage will be applied to the believers at that time either… but all this simply means that only a few will be ready for the return of Christ at the end time. Jesus said, “…strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matthew 7:14. Personally, I believe that there is revival happening right now. I tell you why on this CD...

Show #31 -- Easter/Passover (2).
This message is about Easter Sunday 2018, when we celebrate the great event of Easter that is so important in the life of Christianity. It is a remembering of what our Lord did many years ago when He gave His life as the ultimate sacrifice to take away the sin of the World. and then was resurrected 3 days later by the power of God and the Holy Spirit triumphing over death.  In this CD I begin with Palm Sunday that we looked at last week and go over one aspect of the Passover Seder place which connects with what Jesus said in Luke 22:14-15 and then a summary of the amazingly many events that took place during the last week of our Lord.

Show #30 -- Palm Sunday 2018 (1).
Today is actually what is called “Palm Sunday”. It is the day we celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, one week before His resurrection (Matthew 21:1–11).  It marked the start of what is called “Passion Week,” which was the final seven days of Jesus’ earthly ministry, the beginning of the end of His work on earth and His earthly visitation, the nearing of the culmination of His long journey toward Golgotha, for which He had come to save the lost (Luke 19:10). Interestingly, in the program prior to the last, I talked about exactly that which the Jewish people had missed… and which had been prophesied precisely to the time of this event… and now here we are right in the wake of it… talking about that in this program. Again, all orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, because I hadn’t even looked at the time of this Easter celebration coming up… amazing.  During this same week, we will also remember what is called Good Friday -- which is sort of a misnomer because it was not good in the sense that Jesus, the Son of God, God in the flesh was crucified…. But it was good because it was to be so in order to take away the sins of the world, as prophesied. . .  again, all orchestrated by God Almighty – Yahveh Himself.  I look at all of that in this CD.

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