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Show #46 -- Wisdom from the Bible.
I love wisdom and I pray for the Lord to give me wisdom all the time. We all need it… but not many actually make it a daily goal to ask God for wisdom... yet it is so much needed – especially today, like everything else that has been lost in these last day in high standards. In the book of James, chapter 1 and verse 5, we read: If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. Then it says in the next verse: But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. The Word of God says that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. We’ll look some more at wisdom in this message.

Show #45 -- The Pink Elephant in the Room.
Three times last week I came across an important subject matter to do with the church from 3 different sources…. In praying about what God would have me talk about in this message, I felt strongly led to touch on this very problem that is so prevalent around us today. It’s not an easy issue to confront but it needs to be done because of the very negative effect it has on the church, family and individual lives...

Show #44 -- Fathers' Day.
There are over 1,500 verses to do with father(s) in the Bible (some of them refer to God the Father), compared to 299 for mother(s) – not to diminish or lessen the importance of mothers… but rather to show the critical importance of the father(s) as the one(s) who have been given the first responsibility of leadership within the family and community  throughout human history. We look at some of those in this program.

Show #43 -- Politics as a Responsibility.
I talked about the church being involved more in political issues a couple of programs ago, and as I was seeking the Lord for what He wanted me to cover on this program today, I was strongly reminded about the many issues right now that are driving the outcomes of political governments everywhere. More and more as I read relevant and reputable articles, news, blogs, books, etc. about the political issues of our world, I see increasingly a clearer picture of how politics inter-mingle with the Bible and God’s plan for the nations…. And how much we as believers have a responsibility to get involved… What are those many issues and how do they relate to the church?...

Show #42 -- Books of Hebrews:
So we’ve been talking about various issues for living as they apply to end times and prophecies… and right now today, I will go back to a message I covered last year  focusing specifically on Jesus Christ from the book of Hebrews, which is a very unique book encompassing the explanation of the contrast between the Old and the New Testaments, Jesus Christ as Creator, Saviour, Prophets, Priest and King, against Moses, Melchisedek the priest and prophet of the Old Testament and the angels themselves...

Show #41 -- On Communication:
It has been on my mind for some time now to do a program on the subject of “communication”. It seems that the issue of communication has come up before me a few times lately, and just recently especially, as I have come across a few experiences of people running into communication problems that have brought on serious consequences. So today looks like the day for tackling this issue. Are there communication problems in the Church? Well, there are everywhere… in personal lives, families, in business, social… wherever there are people there are communication problems… and the Church is not immune to it… Actually some years ago I wrote a book on the subject, called “Contextual Communication, Organization & Training”. It started out as a book written for the Church, but as I began to work on it, realizing that the world outside of the Church needed it just as badly, I switched my aim of the church audience to a business and personal one… because I figured that the church would read a business book but the business world out there would not necessarily read a church book. So the book turned into a work of business and personal communication but contained a lot of cases, stories and examples coming from both business and church realities...

Show #40 -- Why the silence in the Church on End times?
Some people are asking why is it that the Church does not talk about the end times. Why the silence on that issue. Well, it’s not an easy topic to approach. It is amazing how few churches teach or preach on the end times. Yet, many church goers and unchurched ask questions about it, especially now, as we see the chaos and frightening events taking place increasingly around us. According to write-ups on the question of why most churches don’t talk about the end times, there are diverse reasons given. Some churches don’t take the Bible literally, particularly on the topics of prophecies and end-times. Some feel the book of Revelation is a mere allegory and therefore not a subject of belief. This is interesting because one cannot read the book of Revelation, without the substantiation of other books such as Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, and many others. Other churches may have ministers who lack the training and education in that area and do not take the time to expand their knowledge on their own. And others have been turned off by the date setters and sensationalists. But there is another reason also...

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