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Show #69 -- After the birth of Jesus.  Last week we looked at the birth of Jesus the Christ - or the Jewish Messiah, the announcement of the news to the shepherds and their subsequent visit to Bethlehem. In this program, we are looking at what took place after the birth. And we also wish all a most happy, prosperous and healthy New Year to all...   

Show #68 -- The birth of Jesus -- an encore.   In this program, I bring an encore of last week’s Christmas message because it was a blessing to so many and some people did not get to hear the wonderful traditional Christmas music that was arranged along with the message of the birth of Jesus Christ and the announcement of  the Angels of Peace and Goodwill to men.  

Show #67 --In the beginning, the Word, Part 2.  In the last program, I covered the announcement of the virgin birth of Jesus, from the book of Luke. Luke is the gospel writer who told us the most about the virgin birth of Jesus, and that makes sense because he was a physician and this would be a very interesting and  fascinating subject matter to him. In this program we're going to skip over the visit of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth for now, Mary’s song of praise and John the Baptist’s birth and purpose, and go straight to the birth of Jesus, beginning with reading from the book of Matthew and then from the book of Luke as per our chronology of events.

Show #66 -- In the beginning, the Word.  Following the previous program from the book of John, in this CD I am taking us into another awesome look at this great book looking at the pre-existence of Jesus before His earthly birth -- as no other synoptic gospels cover....

Show #65 -- On the book of John. There’s a verse in the book of John that has always fascinated me because there is so much behind it... yet it’s a verse that not many people pay much attention to; but it’s loaded with further information about the hidden extent of grandness of Jesus throughout the history of the world. I get into that amazing and exciting look into that verse of the last book of the four gospels in the New Testament.

Show #64 -- On Marriage.  The subject of this program today has to do with communication in marriage. I hear so much about couples not putting God’s word first in their relationship of husbands and wives. Imagine if marriage was built on wisdom and understanding that we get from the Bible... how great that would be, how many marriages would be saved and blessed. Really, most problems between husbands and wives are in communication... and communication is built on wisdom and understanding. We need to understand each other -- not only as men and women but also within the four personalities that we are as human beings. I talk about all of that in this program. 

Show #63 -- Honour Authority.  We live in dangerous times and it is becoming more and more difficult to witness and to teach “the way” of the righteous life. But as we see that happening, the Word of God becomes more and more relevant and powerful because it covers everything that we can think of or come across in life.

Show #62 -- End Times Witness. Although there is still some religious freedom being protected in many countries, we know that the environment, is increasingly becoming more and more hostile to our Christian beliefs and witness. Many are afraid to speak out the truths of the Word of God from the Bible or even to tell others of our born-again experience that actually changed our whole life around. In the face of that, how do Christians live out their witness in this new context of post-Christian living?

Show #61 -- Time of the Messiah. In the last program we looked at how the Jewish people missed the first coming of the Messiah, which led us to see the danger of the church to miss the first event of the second coming of Christ, which is the rapture of the church. In this program I expound further on the prophecies in the book of Daniel, specifically to do with the seventieth week of the end time tribulation. 

Show #60 -- Messiah's visitation.   There’s a lot of misunderstanding about who the Jewish people are within the context of the chosen people of God, and how critical they are in the historical time-frame of God, especially now in the end times in which we live. These are our times, that’s where you and I live in today. Some of our fellow Christians lived in centuries previous to ours, and millennia, but we, us, are living here and now. The Lord led me to some interesting information about the reason why Jewish people did not receive Jesus Christ who came at the time prophesied in the Old Testament… why did they miss that visitation of their Messiah. And that leads us to this question: are we today making the same mistake about His second coming? We'll take a look at that.

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