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Show #74 -- End Times, Prophecies and A Tale of Two Captains.
While I was doing some reading and research for up-coming programs recently, I remembered a couple of books I had read some time ago about the different styles of ship captains on board both a sub-marine and a destroyer. While I was doing this, I came across an article giving a scriptural outline of who is the church. So in this program, I put this all together as the Holy Spirit has led me to do.

Show #73 -- End Times, Prophecies and Destiny Leadership, Part 3.
In this program, I pick up from the last message on the book of Nehemiah titled “Destiny Leadership Part 2" which is all about strong leadership. I conclude the re-building of the walls of Jerusalem, the reform of Nehemiah and Ezra, from where we read about the example of unselfishness on the part of the leader Nehemiah, finishing the ending of part two and then getting on with Part 3.

Show #72 -- End Times, Prophecies and Destiny Leadership, Part 2.

We've been looking at the book of Nehemiah in the last program on the story of re-building the walls of Jerusalem in Judea, after the return of the captivity into Babylon. In this program I pick up from where we read about the example of unselfishness on the part of the leader Nehemiah. So we’re just finishing the ending of Part 1 and then getting on with Part 2 in this program today, of the message titled “Destiny Leadership” which is all about strong leadership.

Show #71 -- End Times, Prophecies and Destiny Leadership, Part 1.

In my Bible devotion recently, I found myself in the book of Nehemiah, again. I've been there before and I know that some of you have also. It is a fascinating story of a people, a nation, trying to rebuild itself after a long captivity in a strange land that had been ordered by God as punishment for much disobeying and rebelling. It has been the subject of many a sermon over the generations – ours included – but I will do a take on it today focusing specifically on the actual time of rebuilding, particularly as to the difficulties and adversities that took place, and which take place with any of us who are in the work of God and the Kingdom. I’ve entitled this message “Destiny Leadership”… because it’s all about leadership, strong leadership.

Show #70 --  End times, Prophecies and Warnings.

As we have just begun a brand new year, it is a good thing to remember the importance of keeping ourselves right before God. I have updated a message from over a year ago which is out of chapters 33 and 34 of the book of Ezekiel -- as it pertains to the end times, prophecies and warnings, particularly warnings to those of us who know the truth and the responsibility we have to pass on that truth to others. This is especially for those who have been called of God to be watchmen -- to warn the righteous and the unrighteous of the things to come.   

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