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Show #89 -- End Times, Prophecies and Blessings and Curses.

I mentioned an issue in the last program, that I said there was no time to expound on, and that it would be for another time... well the other time is now. Lo and behold the Lord has brought up that issue during this week which I will pick up on in this program. I will also cover other topics, and the blessings and curses from the book of Leviticus, and let the Lord wrap it all up into another exciting message of end times, prophecies, and current issues.

Show #88 -- End Times, Prophecies and World Issues.

Well I didn’t know if I would continue on the subject of “sinners saved by grace” from the last programs, so I had left it up to the guiding of the Holy Spirit. There is so much going on here and around the world that I was going to share some of the things I came across in my network of news items, but the problem is that most of it is bad news. But I did come across something very interesting that is good news and I will share that and see how it all develops in this program of end times, prophecies and world issues. . .

Show #87 -- End Times, Prophecies and Sinners saved by Grace, Part 3. There is so much on the topic of "Sinners Saved by Grace" that this program continues as Part 3, following shows # 85 and 86...

Show #86 -- End Times, Prophecies and Sinners saved by Grace, Part 2.
This program is a continuation of last week's message on "Sinners Saved by Grace" because of the extent of this issue having such wide-reaching consequences. You can read the brief from the previous show below (#85).

Show #85 -- End Times, Prophecies and Sinners saved by Grace.

I recently heard some people in the church say that Christians are no longer sinners, and that even some pastors don’t like to hear the expression “sinners saved by grace”. I didn’t realize there was such an issue. I wasn’t going to pursue this any further, however, I found out through a bit of research that this issue is actually a wide-reaching matter supported and even taught by many people. That was enough to drive me to the Word of God and find out what God says about it. It could be a consequential issue.  Is a born-again Christian a sinner or a saint? That is the question. I report my findings in this program.

Show #84 -- End Times, Prophecies and Paradise.
Just a couple of weeks after the celebration of Passover/Easter, I was reviewing the event of the crucifixion again since that time, and read the passage of scripture to do with the thief on the cross who repented to the Lord and Jesus told him that on that day he would be with Him in paradise.  However, today I am looking at something in that scripture that is very interesting about paradise and heaven.

Show #83 -- End Times, Prophecies and Prayer.
In today’s program, I am re-visiting a topic that I ran back in 2017 and that needs to be repeated again because of its importance, especially in the life of a Christian… and that is about prayer… and it is a reminder that we are to be praying more as the end times approach closer with all the chaos and deceitful distractions… we need to be strong and follow the examples of our Lord.

Show #82 -- End Times, Prophecies and Easter/Passover.
Well today is a special day, as we celebrate the wonderful Feast of Passover – or as we call it in the Christian faith -- Easter. Whether we call the celebration Passover or Easter, we are celebrating the same event – that is: the Jewish people remember their Exodus from Egypt, and the Christians remember the great day of redemption completed by the death and resurrection of Christ, the Messiah who came to this earth in the year of c. 3758 according to Jewish calendar calculation. The Good news is that Jesus the Messiah fulfilled the Old Testament meaning of the Passover.

Show 81 -- End Times, Prophecies and Who Is Israel.
In the last program I talked about the land of Israel, what it is and how many people are confused about it’s place in God’s plan. This week I look at “Who is Israel” from the book of Romans. I really love this book, it has so many profound thoughts about God and critical New Covenant doctrines. It seems to be one of the most popular source of preaching today in terms of who it applies to: the Jewish people and the church today. One of the areas of great interest is in chapter 11 where Paul talks about the grafting of the gentiles into the olive tree – the olive tree representing the Jews... couple of new ways to understand this...

Show #80 -- End Times, prophecies and Israel the Land.

There has been a lot of write-ups in various publications recently about the misguided decline of support for Israel – especially among the younger generation. For the most part, younger evangelicals are indifferent about Israel. A LifeWay Research survey shows that among younger evangelicals from 18 years old to 34, only 58% say they support the existence, security and prosperity of Israel. Among non-evangelicals it is even worse, there is a total lack of support in many instances, even about any type of knowledge about the land, the people and the history of Israel. In many cases there is even a lot of plain hatred. We look at that in this program. 

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