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Show #99 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Local Religions.

About a year ago, I did a program on some important statistics about local religions, and I was recently asked to replay that program which is what I am doing today. We need to review this occasionally to keep us informed and reminded of where we stand in the end times.

Show #98 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and parable of the Mustard Seed.
Alright so we're back this week with the parables of Jesus, and I'm following the list of parables as outlined in the back of my book “Horizontal Chronology of the Four Gospels”. Today we're going to look at the parable of the Mustard Seed, which appears in both Matthew 13 and Mark 4.

Show #97 -- EndTimes, Prophecies and Contending for the Faith, Part 2. 
In this program today, I pick up from where I left off last week, as I said I would, which gets into the chapter of the popular best-selling book I had read several months ago that held in it a perfect answer to a specific question I was asking the Lord on this whole subject of Contending for the Faith.... 

Show #96 --  EndTimes, Prophecies and Contending for the Faith, Part 1.

I recently attended a conference on "Contending for the Faith". Just a few weeks ago an unusual event took place in a Sunday church service in the U.S. which opened up a very important subject matter that the pastor of that church had to deal with afterward. It is telling of something we all have to deal with at times in the body of believers, and I put all of this together in this program...

Show #95 -- End Times, Prophecies and the Wheat and Tares Parable.

In this program, I pickup again on the Parables of Jesus in Matthew 13. This time on the parable of the Wheat and Tares which the Lord uses to speak of the kingdom to come and how we need to make that decision of where we will spend eternity.

Show #94 -- End Times, Prophecies and Politics as a Responsibility.
As I have followed various elections taking place in recent times, observing what the big political issues are that make a difference in the voting of the common people, I realize that there is a lesson in them for all of us in this end time generation.  Today I am replaying a program that I did about a year ago, because we are this year heading for an election in our area. I also talk about what a church can and cannot do or say in politics – according to the political powers there be!

Show #93 -- End Times, Prophecies and Wisdom.

I love wisdom and I pray for wisdom all the time. We all need it; but not many actually make it a daily goal to ask God for wisdom. Yet it is so much needed – especially today, like everything else that has been lost in these last days in high standards. In this program I look at the book of James, chapter 1 and verse 5, as well as many other scriptures on the topic of wisdom.

Show #92 --End Times, Prophecies and More on Communication. 

We saw in previous programs how Jesus is the Master Communicator in the last program and how we can learn from His way of communicating with people. In these Parables we see the Lord telling earthly stories that have heavenly meanings. Do you know how you can test your life as a Christian? We'll look at the answer at the end.

Show #91 -- End Times, Prophecies and Communication.

I did a program about a year ago on the subject of communication and it was great. But communication is such an important issue in our lives that we need to be reminded of it on a regular basis. I came across this very subject matter recently and that gave me the confirmation that it is a good time to bring that program up again here today with current up-dates.

Show #90 -- End Times, Prophecies and God the Creator.

In a previous program, I talked about Jesus in His various aspects in the events of Bible History. In this program I expand that into a further demonstration of who Jesus really is. There are many people throughout the world who are confused about this subject matter, and who lack knowledge and understanding of God and Jesus. Some believers have made Him to be a friend more than the God of Creation that He is, through their teachings and lack of “fear” or “reverence” – especially the newer generation who are not familiar with the Bible anymore.

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