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Show #129, John 21:25, EndTimes and Prophecies. There's a verse in the book of John that always fascinates me because there's so much behind it, yet it's a verse that not many people pay much attention to. However it is loaded with further information about the hidden extent of the grandness of Jesus our Lord throughout the history of the world. I get into that amazing and exciting look into that verse of the last book of the 4 Gospels in the New Testament.

Show #128, Why The Silence, EndTimes and Prophecies. Some people are asking why is it that most churches do not talk about the end times. Why the silence on that issue. Well, it’s not an easy topic to approach. It is amazing how few churches teach or preach on the end times. Yet, many church goers and unchurched ask questions about it, especially now, as we see the chaos and frightening events taking place increasingly around us. According to write-ups on the question of why most churches don’t talk about the end times, there are diverse reasons given. We'll talk about that in this program.

Show #127, Why No Revival, Part 3, EndTimes and Prophecies. So I've been talking about revival in the last programs, particularly one of the last revivals of the 1800's that took place in Ontario, Canada and New York, USA... but I did not mention about one giant contemporary revivalist of these end times, Dr. Billy Graham to whom the word “crusades” was more associated than “revivals”... but they were revivals nevertheless, with some 2 million-plus salvations that we know of during his ministry...and along this line I am bringing here a replay of a program from 2 years ago that was televised on the celebration of life of this giant of a preacher with a very timely end time message by his daughter Anne Graham Lotz.

Show #126, Why No Revival, Part 2, EndTimes and Prophecies. We are looking at revivals in these programs right now and in this CD I pick up from the last service and get into some of the details of what was called the Great Hamilton revival of 1857 that I talked about in the last program with Dr. Walter and Mrs Phoebe Palmer.

Show #125, Why No Revival, and EndTimes and Prophecies. Almost 2 years ago, I did a program on Revival... and every year or two I think it is important to remind ourselves of what it takes to have revival. There is more than just praying for it. So today I am revisiting that program as a reminder to the church. Let's take a listen...

Show #124, Fear, Wisdom, EndTimes and Prophecies. In the previous program, I touched on “Fear”, as in “The fear of the Lord”, and I mentioned that I would expand on that in another program. Well this is the program today. I used the examples of Prov. 9:10 last week, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”...we need wisdom and we get it from the fear of the Lord. And Prov. 8:13, “The fear of the Lord is to hate evil." So if we don't have the fear of the Lord, does that mean that we don't hate evil? And if we don't hate evil, do we participate in it? Good questions...We look at that in this program. 

Show #123, Born Twice, EndTimes and Prophecies. In this program, I look at the meaning of the born-again need that is for every individual who was born on this earth, based on the backdrop of the book of Revelation, chapter 20, verses 11 to 15. 

Show #122, Interpreting the Word of God, EndTimes and Prophecies. In the previous programs recently, I talked about false teachers and false teachings and touched briefly on the interpretation and mis-interpretation of the Word of God that we come across sometimes within the church —or in the body of Christt. In this CD I pick up from there and share one scripture example that comes up quite a bit here and there, and which seems to be a stumbling block to many, sometimes creating divisions and frustrations among evangelicals – well-meaning folks but often mis-informed. 

Show #121, Life After Death, EndTimes and Prophecies. In the last two programs particularly, I talked about false teachings and false prophets, as part of the new beginning year of 2020, and as such, keeping ourselves prepared for heaven in these last days especially, it is good to remind ourselves of the life that there is after this one here on earth. Today I am re-playing a program that I broadcast two years ago, with minor current updates... 

Show #120 – After Christmas and New Year, Part 2, EndTimes and Prophecies. In the last program, I looked at scriptures about warnings against false teachings and false teachers…. and I will continue on that today. As I worked on this message, I had in front of me a stack of written resources – books, booklets, pamphlets, from reputable and trustworthy ministries, all about false teachings and warnings about false teachers. All of these resources written by different Christian teachers and ministries support one another in their teaching of the truth of the Bible—or the Word of God. Here, I'm looking at one which outlines in detail the truths from scriptures and the falsehood of the errors of nine of the most common and familiar groups and cults out there today, to give warnings of what to watch for within the vulnerable issues that are attacked by the spiritual enemy of God, Jesus Christ and the believers. 

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