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Show #120 – After Christmas and New Year, Part 2, EndTimes and Prophecies. In the last program, I looked at scriptures about warnings against false teachings and false teachers…. and I will continue on that today. As I worked on this message today, I had in front of me a stack of written resources – books, booklets, pamphlets, from reputable and trustworthy ministries, all about false teachings and warnings about false teachers. All of these resources written by different Christian teachers and ministries support one another in their teaching of the truth of the Bible—or the Word of God. Here, I'm looking at one which outlines in detail the truths from scriptures and the falsehood of the errors of nine of the most common and familiar groups and cults out there today, to give warnings of what to watch for within the vulnerable issues that are attacked by the spiritual enemy of God, Jesus Christ and the believers. 

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