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Show #133, Second Coming of the Messiah, EndTimes and Prophecies. I said in the previous couple of programs that I would replay a message broadcast about a year ago from the book of the prophet Daniel which has to do with how close we are to the final tribulation, but had to postpone because of current affairs to be covered. So I am doing that now. This message today is an extension of what I've been talking about in these last couple of weeks on the closeness of the final tribulation. This explains the accuracy of the prophecies of the Word of God – beginning with Christ's 1st coming in around 6 B.C. and then the events of the end times right up to the rapture and the “time of Jacob's trouble” – or the final tribulation -- spoken of in the book of Daniel... and by our Lord in the books of Matthew, Luke and Mark. 

Show #132, Easter, Passover 2020, EndTimes and Prophecies. Someone asked me about 2-3 years ago, “where do you think we are in the timeline of the end times?” I gave an answer as close as I could at that time, as per the signs of the book of Revelation, but who would have thought back then about this corona virus pandemic that we are seeing today. This is truly a game-changer as far as the timing of the times of the end goes. I think we are a lot closer than we even thought just a few months ago. Jesus told us that the signs of the end would increase as we get closer to the end, they would become more intense, more frequent and more rapid in delivery. We are seeing that right now as never before; the most telling characteristic of these signs is the last one – the rapidity with which those things are taking place. I look at that in this program.

Show #131, What in the World is Going On, EndTimes and Prophecies. I came across some more interesting material that is being talked about from different sources and channels on the current situation of the corona virus or covid-19. So I thought I should stay with that for this program today. A lot of people are wondering what is going on in the world today. Many leaders are telling people not to worry, churches are preaching different messages as to whether or not this is a warning or a judgment from God... some say it is, others say it is not. Some officials tell us we shouldn't wear protective masks unless we are sick, others tell us otherwise... which is it? Is this sudden virus attack upon the world today God's judgment or not? Whatever it is, there are two levels from which to look at this, the physical and the spiritual level. I look at that in this CD. 

Show #130, Are we in the Last Tribulation, EndTimes and Prophecies. Well the year 2020 has sure begun with a vengeance. Already so far and we're just in the middle of March, we have seen continuing Middle East unrest and conflicts, unprecedented wildfires in Australia, hordes of locusts in Africa, Asia and Iran, floods and tornadoes and earthquakes everywhere and now a corona virus of pandemic proportion invading the world. If these are not signs of the time, what is? We look at that in this CD. 

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