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Show 142, On Holding Fast, EndTimes and Prophecies. So, I’ve just gone over a series on the history of how we got to our English Bibles within the history of England. What did that message have to do with the End Times and Prophecies that is the main focus of these radio shows ? Well, as we get closer to the End Times, we need to get closer to the Word of God. The Word of God has been critical to the message of the Gospel since the beginning of time, but it is even more critical now as we approach the return of Jesus Christ the Saviour of the World. A lot of the shaking we’ve been witnessing in the U.S., Canada and other places around the world is part of the end times purging from God. That’s what the last of the Lord’s Feast in the history of Israel is all about -- the Day of Atonement -- where every one searches his heart and asks for forgiveness from God. So, we continue in the pursuit of knowing more about the Word of God in order to Trust more in it… and in Him who is the Word in the Flesh… wow, that’s exciting… it’s awesome when you think about who God is. The message today is based on an article I wrote some time ago for one of my web sites, titled “What’s coming after the shaking? Hold Fast”.

Show 141, On Communication Day to Day, EndTimes and Prophecies. In the midst of the enormous protests and riots going on these days around the world, and a thousand other issues hitting us all at the same time -- sure things of the end times -- I'm going to share about communication today, from our day to day living. I'll talk about the unrest of the world in the next radio programs. But right now I want to share particularly on communication within a new chapter of our senior living... and specifically from within the medical system. As we get older, we become aware of a whole new dimension of living that we have to get used to in our last legs of this life on earth. It's a whole new experience. As one white-haired lady said when my husband and I were waiting in a medical clinic, “this is my home away from home” she said.

Show 140, Our_Bible_EndTimes_Prophecies_Part4. In this program I continue on the message of the history of the English Bible from the 1300's up to the King James Bible in 1611, and show examples of the many subsequent translations that vary from the original Bibles of previous times. I look at some comparisons of different modern versions of the English Bibles to the King James, as an informative exercise to make us aware of changes that can be encountered in all of those numerous translations that have taken place, and still take place today, since the 1800’s…

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