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Show 153, A Tale of Two Captains, EndTimes and PropheciesI did a program a couple of years ago and many people told me they did not get to hear that one, so I am replaying it today. It has to do with a remembering of a book I had read earlier on about life on board a sub-marine and how this ship is just a great big piece of metal without a soul until the crew comes on board which then gives the ship a soul of its own. Then as I continued working on it, I was reminded of another book I had read a while before about a destroyer ship that accompanied convoys of carrier ships across the Atlantic during WWI. Both of these stories had to do with good ship captains and bad one. Then during that same time, I came across an article written by a preacher giving a scriptural outline of what is the church. So I am replaying this for those who missed it and those of us who want to hear it again.

Show 152, Israel, the World, Warnings and Prophecies. Continuing on the Biblical history of Israel series, we are going to look again at end times warnings from the book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament and other scriptures in the New Testaments that speak of Israel and the World warnings and prophecies.

Show 151, Who is Israel, EndTimes and Prophecies. In the last program I talked about the Land of Israel, what it is and how many people are confused about it’s place in the Lord’s plan. This week I look at “Who is Israel” from the book of Romans. I really love this book… it has so many profound thoughts about God and critical New Covenant doctrines. It seems to be one of the most popular source of preaching today, in terms of who it applies to the Jewish people and the church today. One of the areas of great interest is in chapter 11 where Paul talks about the grafting of the gentiles into the olive tree – the olive tree representing the Jews.

Show 150, Land of Israel, EndTimes and Prophecies. There has been a lot of write-ups in various publications recently about the misguided decline of support for Israel – especially among the younger generation. In the wake of last week's surprise announcement of a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, today's program revisits one that I did about a year ago which originated from various publications concerning the misguided decline of support for Israel – especially among the younger generation. So I will replay that program today with the addition of some updates along the way.

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