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Show 169 “After New Year, Warnings, EndTimes and Prophecies”. Seven days ago we celebrated the start of a brand new year—2021, can we believe this? This is a good time to examine our spiritual life, where we are now and where are we going. As for the spiritual matters, we get that from the church's teaching -- at least we should. And when I say the church I don’t mean buildings and denominations, I mean the body of believers everywhere. Many are taking up a position of teaching and yet are theologically untrained and often out right wrong… we have come a long way from the previous teachings of spiritual and biblical truths such as Wesley, Spurgeon, Edwards and the likes… I talk about all of that in this program.

Show 168 “After Christmas, EndTimes and Prophecies”. Seven days ago, we celebrated Christmas and the meaning of it – particularly the meaning of Christ in Christmas and how important it is to celebrate this event especially in the face of the world trying to take it out of our lives. We do live in the last book of the Bible now and have been told of the perilous times to come. However, those of us who know God, we rejoice in the fact that He is in control and that He guides us, through His Holy Spirit into all truths and the peace that is in our hearts as a result of the birth of Jesus Christ who is, as we saw in our last service, the Prince of Peace, the Wonderful Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father upon whose shoulders the government shall be when He returns a second time to take over His Kingdom on Earth… what an exciting hope to look forward to.

Show 167 “Christ in Christmas Part 3, EndTimes and Prophecies”. Picking up from the program last week which was the last in the Advent of Christmas, in this program we are now just two days after the actual day of Christmas 2020 which fell on Friday. So the Christmas message here is about Christmas two days ago... but really 2000 years ago – it is the same story as it was then. I am always amazed at the scripture in Luke 2 that proclaims ”peace on earth and goodwill to men”. We look at that and more.

Show 166 “Christ in Christmas Part 2, EndTimes and Prophecies”. In this program, we are still in the Advent mode, being just a few days before Christmas day 2020 this coming Friday. So this program is sort of a transition into the Christmas message for next week. Interestingly right now, the Jewish people are celebrating Hanukkah which falls this year from December 10 to December 18. It’s also interesting that both Christianity and Judaism have a celebration around this time of the year – but they are not connected.

Show 165, “Christ in Christmas Part 1, EndTimes and Prophecies”. In the last programs we've been looking at the pre-human existence of Christ before His birth. Since it happens to be the season of Christmas right now, it reminded me that this politically incorrect word of Christmas is another pillar that has been crumbling down in these last days. As you know it is no longer politically correct to wish others a Merry Christmas. Proponents of this new norm say that this excludes non-Christians. But Christmas is for everybody and it's been around for centuries without any complaint from the world... what happened? We look at some of that in this program.

Show 164, “In The Beginning The Word Part 2, EndTimes and Prophecies”. This program continues from last week's show where we started from the awesome book of John, chapter 1 about the pre-human existence of Christ, and moved on to the comparison of the first chapters of the three synoptic gospels by chronology of significant events, particularly to do with the incarnation of God in the flesh. This took us through an overview of the genealogies of Jesus, the announcement of the virgin birth to Mary, and the threshold of the birth of Jesus, which is where we pick up from here.

Show 163, “In The Beginning The World, EndTimes and Prophecies”. Last week I said that I would start to cover some of the world issues that are going on right now, but the Holy Spirit led me to go first to a program that I did around this time of year back in 2018 as we approached the Christmas season, which many of the new listeners have not heard yet or have  missed at that time. And it starts right at the very beginning according to John chapter 1. That's one of the amazing things about getting into the Word of God, you never know where it will take you by the leading of the Holy Spirit -- if we only would let Him have His way. It is truly a journey day by day into the Old and the New World of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This program takes us into another awesome look at this great book of John.

Show 162, “World Issues, EndTimes and Prophecies”. There is so much happening today on the world scene right now that I will be covering some of that in programs to come... and I will start today with a replay of a program from almost 2 years ago... it is interesting what has transpired since then... as you will notice...

Show 161, Can BornAgain Christians Sin? Part 3, EndTimes and Prophecies. In this program I continue on the topic of “Are born-again Christians sinners saved by grace” or are they, as many have been teaching lately “unable, incapable of sinning”? There are so many scriptures in the Word of God that I go on here with part 3 on the subject.

Show #160 “Can Born Again Christians Sin?” Part 2. In the previous program, I said that I would possibly replay a program from a while back, which had to do with the subject of Christians being sinners saved by grace. I'm not replaying that program now but will use some of its content because there is so much more about it in the new testament scripture. So this is a part 2 of that same topic.


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