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Show_174_"Messiah_1stVisitation_EndTimes_and_Prophecies". As I said in the last program I am replaying here the show from a year and a half ago that explains the 70th week of Daniel that speaks of the 7-yr tribulation of the last days, for those who are not familiar with this and also who may have missed it the last time. And that journey begins with the 1st visitation of Messiah that the Jewish people missed. First we need to look at the background that will take us up to today, regarding Jesus Christ, the Messiah's 1st coming which was missed by the Jewish people, then the prophecies from the book of Daniel regarding the timing of that 1st visitation.

Show 173 “Are We in the Last Tribulation, EndTimes and Prophecies”. Following the program I did last week on the two events of the end times return of the Lord spoken of in 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, I did say that it would be advantageous to those who are not familiar with these end time events to re-play a program from a few months ago that covers these events in more details. That is what we're going to hear on this program which is all part of the topic at hand of the end times and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. So here it is just as it was delivered then, with minor updates for today along the way.

Show 172 “What of this Year 2021, Part2, EndTimes and Prophecies”.  In the last program the Lord brought us to the book of 1st Thessalonians as we looked at what is expected for the new year 2021... Today I will continue with the 2nd letter that Paul wrote to the believers at Thessalonica which is for us now. It is a small letter with only three chapters but also very clearly important to the believers for the end times.

Show 171 “What to Expect of this New Year, EndTimes and Prophecies”. After this last year that we have experienced in 2020, a lot of people naturally are wondering what we can expect in this new year 2021. I've been hearing a lot of talks on TV, radio, in newsletters, especially those from some of the prominent Christian “watchers on the wall” who decipher the present times from a Providential point of view. From this, in this program I share an update of where things are within the End Times and Prophecies.

Show 170 “Is There Life After Death, EndTimes and Prophecies”. So in the last couple of programs, I talked about warnings of false prophets to guard ourselves against. Today I will replay a program I did about three years ago which is about “Is there life after death”. Some of you may have heard it then but many have not. We don't hear this subject talked about much any more, and it is so important. So in this program I replay the message just as it was delivered back then -- with minor updates along the way as needed.

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