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Show 199, Will We Recognize the Mark of the Beast?  In the program from last week about the Covid Times that we are now living in, I mentioned about the question that some people have about whether or not we will be able to recognize the Mark of the Beast... and does the vaccine of this present pestilence or pandemic issue have anything to do with it? Well I'm going to explore that today and show that yes we will recognize this mark the Word of God warns us about but also do we have to fear what is coming down the road and how should we then live in these days of trials and tribulations...

Show 198, Covid in Times of Chaos. I talked about our times of chaos in a previous program. Up until then I had not talked about one of the pestilences that has been prominent in these last days ...that is the Covid mysteries. I am replaying this program today that I played 6 weeks ago with minor current updates, because some people missed it before. I asked the question is this part of end times pestilences spoken of by our Lord in Matthew, Mark and Luke? Or is it just another one of those things that this fallen earth has had to confront and deal with? We'll look at that in this program today.

Show 197, Faith that Moves God's Heart, EndTimes and Prophecies. I came across a couple of events that kind of floated in my head as to which way I should go for this program today. First I was exposed to the real living existence of our young people today as to what they don't know about Christianity and about what's going on in the world. And then in the same time frame, I came across an article that had to do with one interesting storey in the Bible that is misunderstood by many people because of the lack of knowledge about the historical context of events taking place at the time. In the same way, most people are indeed uninformed about so many things going on in life... which is confirmed in the Word of God where God says: “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). So I weave all that together in this message program.

Show 196, Restoration of Jew and Gentile, EndTimes and Prophecies. In the last program, we looked at the gospel having been delivered to the Jew first and then to the Gentiles. We saw in the magnificent book of Romans how God planned to reach each group by the blinding of the one who did not believe because of their own righteousness, and then the empyrial effect of that upon the other group. We looked at Romans 11, verses 25 to 32. In this program we see that God does all that He does so that all people may receive His grace and mercy... because of His promised Word and Covenant.

Show 195, To The Jew First, EndTimes and Prophecies. So, I've talked about the chosen people in the last few radio shows and in the last program there was a mention of how the Jewish people at the time of Jesus' visit to this earth had taken a controversy with the Lord about their idea of God as “their Father”. So this led me to get into the book of Romans which I love and which has to do with a lot of teaching to the Jews – as well as to the Gentiles – about our righteousness in God, which is not that we are or ever will be righteous by our own efforts but that our righteousness is of God the Father by His grace and mercy. Therefore righteousness is from God and man's way to this righteousness is by way of utter trust and yieldedness to the grace and mercy of God... . and that being by faith just as the faith of Abraham whom they called their father. Now one of the questions that people have regarding the book of Romans is, why did God hardened their hearts to not believe as the gospels tell us? We look at that in this CD.

Show 194, On the Name Father, EndTimes and Prophecies. There's a word in the Bible that has been misunderstood for a long time in modern days translation / understanding of the Bible, by many of today's preachers and teachers of the Word of God. This word comes up often within the passage of scripture from which it originates. Every time I hear this interpretation I have this uncomfortable feeling in my heart, but so far have been dismissing it for whatever reason. But, I heard it again recently from a televangelist on a television program and this time felt a strong “burning in my bones“ to finally do a search of the scripture to confirm my intuition about it. I share what this word is from the scripture in this CD.

Show 192, The Tribulation in the EndTimes and Prophecies. One of the focus on the end times and prophecies of the end times is Israel, because God's story is all about Israel -- it's all about the world of course -- the world that He, God, created; but Israel was chosen to be the example, within that world, to all nations as to the doings of God and the doings of man. In other words, see Israel through history and you see the rest of the world. This program is about the timeline of the end times according to a great recent teaching I came across recently on Israel and the final restoration of God's people.

Show 191, On Covid in Times of Chaos, EndTimes and Prophecies. I talked about our times of chaos in the last program, but up until now I have not talked about one of the pestilences that has been prominent in these last days, and that is the Covid mysteries. Is this part of end times pestilences spoken of by our Lord in Matthew, Mark and Luke? Or is it just another one of those things that this fallen earth has had to confront and deal with? Well it's obvious that God wanted me to talk about that today as I was praying and searching for a hint from Heaven as to the subject matter for this program and was led to this quite by accident. I share this in this CD.

Show 190, On Our Times of Chaos EndTimes and Prophecies. As I was seeking the Lord for the program for today, I came across a really powerful sermon by one of our most powerful preachers of today, which I will name later in the the program along with his tremendous credentials and qualifications. He spoke of the chaos we are seeing right now in our personal lives as well as in the world today, to a group of very influential people in these very times we live in, and how the church is to respond during these times of chaos. I tell you more about this in this program.

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