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Show #209, In the beginning the Word Part 2. In the last program, we looked at the announcement of the virgin birth of Jesus, from the book of Luke. Luke is the gospel writer who told us the most about the virgin birth of Jesus. In this program we're going straight to the birth of Jesus, beginning with the book of Matthew and then from the book of Luke as per our chronology of events.

Show #208, In the Beginning the Word. This program follows an earlier message from the book of John, particularly launching out of the last verse of the last chapter of the book which developed from there further to look at more fascinating recorded accounts -- even connecting to the book of Revelation. It takes us at the beginning of this great book of John looking at the pre-existence of Jesus before His earthly birth -- as no other synoptic gospels cover.

Show #207... this program is missing in action... sorry, I'll look for it and when I find it I'll put it up!  :)

Show #206, Apostasy in the Church, EndTimes and Prophecies. I came across a couple of significant newsletters and reports in this last week that shared an important common issue. These were totally separate ministries but all had the same timely topics – as if God was speaking through them with an important message for His people today... and it is an important message... enough so to make it relevant for these end times.

Show #205, Contending for the Faith, Part 2. This program picks up from last week's and gets into the chapter of the book I had read several months prior, which as mentioned held in it an answer to a specific question I was asking the Lord on this whole subject of Contending for the Faith. So I'm back today with the continuation of last week's message as I said I would do, picking up from the 2nd confirmation the Lord had given me when I started on this subject matter.

Show #204, Contending for the Faith, Part 1. As I was seeking God for His direction for this program today, praying, reading, meditating on the word, God took me to some items from a couple of years ago. One of them was a 2-day conference that I attended some time ago... the topic of which was about “Contending for the Faith”, with several well-known teachers, scholars and theologians. Another was an event that took place in a church that speaks to us all of the wrong way to contend for the faith and the other is a chapter of a popular best-selling book I had read earlier that held in it a perfect answer to a specific question I was asking the Lord on this whole subject of contending for the faith. I share this in this program today.

Show #203, Memory Lane from 2017 on Spiritual Warfare. In celebration of the 200th show of the VirtualChurch for the Spiritual Unchurched that took place October 3rd, I replayed show #1 of 2017 last week from a stroll down memory lane. This week I continue with another recall of the first shows from back then with show #8 that took place in October of 2017. This program today includes a memorial to a great Christian musician, singer, song writer, actor, etc., Carman Licciardello (known simply as Carman) who passed away to heaven early this year, with one of his many popular songs called “Revival in the Land”.

Show #202 On Wisdom from Memory Lane 2017. In this program I continue on this month's celebration of the 200th radio show that took place this month, and bring up in this program today another golden oldie from October 2017, which is on Wisdom and which is totally self-explanatory... so here we go with the show – or service, Amen!.

Show #201, Memory Lane of First Show 2017 on Sabbath. Last week I shared with all that these radio/internet programs had hit #200. So in celebration, I replay today show #1 which took place in 2017 on the subject of Sabbath keeping which came as a divine “coincidence”. I explain it all in this program.

Show #200, From Resurrection to End Times. In the last program we looked at the mark of the beast which was precipitated by the subject of the Covid-19 situation that a lot of people worried to be the mark spoken of in the book of Revelation. We saw the answer to that, which is 'no' it's not the mark of the beast... and that we will clearly know what the mark is going to be when we get to that time of the end. Interestingly, the book of Revelation is not the only book that speaks of the end times... there are several books in the Old and the New Testaments that speak of this subject matter. In this program, we look at the book of 1st Corinthians where there is a fascinating passage of scripture that takes the readers – and the listeners of Paul's time – from the resurrection to the very end times.

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