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Show #219, Ezekiel's Vision and God's Throne, Part 3. In this series about Ezekiel's vision, and thrones and judgments, I am today replaying the vision Ezekiel had because of it's amazing content and importance in our understanding of who God really is. This program is an expansion of the vision which reveals to us an awesome view, understanding and reality of the magnificent throne of God... and which refutes as I said before the misinterpretation of many skeptics that the vision was about UFO's and Aliens.

Show #218, Ezekiel's Vision and God's Throne, Part 2. This program picks up from last week's program as Part 2 of the vision of Ezekiel, about the message of thrones and judgments of the end times, continuing to expand on the awesome vision's meaning.

Show #217, Ezekiel's Vision and God's Throne. This program picks up from the reading of the vision of Ezekiel in the last programs on the message of thrones and judgments of the end times, and expands on the vision's meaning.

Show #216, Throne, Judgment, EndTimes, Prophesies Part2. In this program I continue from last week's message, picking up at the 3 end-times judgments, the judgment seat of Christ, the sheep and the goats judgment and the great white throne judgment.

Show #215, Throne and Judgment, EndTimes, Prophesies. I came across some interesting articles and videos this last week on the subject of throne and judgment which brought about some fascinating information and details about their subject matters that we don't often hear about in the church. One of these matters is about the importance of these topics, particularly as it concerns our understanding of how those who are followers of Jesus should live -- some of us older Christians may have forgotten the reality of our living in and for Christ.

Show #214, On Our Times of Chaos EndTimes and Prophecies, Part 2. I talked about our times of chaos in the last program, but up until now I had not covered the pestilences that has been prominent in these last days, particularly the Covid mysteries. Is this part of end times events spoken of by our Lord in Matthew, Mark and Luke? Or is it just another one of those things that this fallen earth has had to confront and deal with? I take a look at that in this program.

Show #213, On Our Times of Chaos EndTimes and Prophecies . This program on the subject of Times of Chaos was aired about six months ago and is replayed here because of its appropriateness at this time of the beginning of a new year. It has a short clip of a powerful sermon by one of our most powerful preachers of today, who speaks of the chaos we are seeing right now in our personal lives and in the world around us, to a group of very influential people in these very times we live in, and how the church is to respond during these times of chaos.

Show #212, Starting a New Year 2022. In this program I talk about the matter of how Christians ought to act in the public square on controversial issues, and the critical awareness that many people often do not have the knowledge of the options they chose in these unusual times and circumstances we live in today – something that I learned as I listened, over the Christmas holidays, to someone's reason for choosing his option.

Show #211, New Year 2022. Just yesterday we celebrated Christmas, the meaning of Christ in Christmas, and how important it is to celebrate this event, especially in the face of the world trying to take it out of our lives. In this program today we're looking at the New Year which is coming up next Friday. To some people it is actually and sadly a bigger celebration than Christmas... but here too we learn more of what's important in all these celebrations, and we do wish one another all the best for a brand new beginning year.

Show #210, In the beginning the Word Part 2. Today's program is an encore of last week's Christmas message because it was such a blessing with the Christmas music that went along with the message and some people missed it. We looked at the announcement of the virgin birth of Jesus, from the book of Luke whose gospel writer is the one who told us the most about the virgin birth of Jesus. Again we'll go straight to the birth of Jesus, beginning with the book of Matthew and then from the book of Luke as per our chronology of events.

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