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Show #224 Leadership for the End Times. In this program we are looking at leadership according to one particular powerful story in the book of Nehemiah--how under his leadership the people set out to rebuild the walls of their city Jerusalem, many years after destruction by the enemy. We see the qualities of a leader, the perseverance, prayer and trust in a God who will see them through all adversity.

Show #223, Warnings from Ezekiel for the End Times. A couple of programs ago, we looked at the vision of heaven that Ezekiel had from chapters 1 and 10 particularly. Today we will look at Ezekiel's warnings to a rebellious people, which is out of chapters 33 and 34 of the book of Ezekiel, as it pertains to the end times, prophecies and warnings – particularly warnings to those of us who know the truth and the responsibility we have to pass on that truth to others and to warn the righteous and the unrighteous of the things to come.

Show #222, Witnesses of Hebrews 12:1. For some time now I've been wanting to tackle the issue of whether or not those in heaven can watch us here on earth. Many people are asking the question and not many teachers of the Word of God are covering this important issue. So in this program, I endeavour to show clearly from scripture the answer to this popular question posed by many people -- can or do our loved ones in heaven watch us here on earth?

Show #221, Why the Silence on EndTimes and Prophecies. Some people are asking why is it that most churches do not talk about the end times. Why the silence on that issue. Well, for many this is not an easy topic to approach. Few churches teach or preach on the end times. Yet, many church goers and unchurched ask questions about it, especially now, as we see the chaos and frightening events taking place increasingly around us. We take a look at that in this program.

Show #220, Ezekiel's Vision and God's Throne Part 3. This program continues from last week's program on the series about Ezekiel's vision, thrones and judgments...


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