Helping Boomers and Seniors plan retirement with quality services for your comfortable living -- Body, Soul and Spirit.

Hello... I love helping Boomers and Seniors plan retirement with quality services for your comfortable living.

This is Diane Hoffmann, your consultant on seniors and aging, introducing a new service for Boomers, Seniors and Caregivers.

I am here to help YOU in the exciting pre- and post-retirement phases of your senior experience.

Retirement is not an event -- it is a journey...

Retirement planning is more than just "financial". It involves the whole person -- encompassing financial, medical, health, social and spiritual.

And I am also here as support, offering information, inspiration and respite for the Caregivers of the Elderly who need support, assistance and direction in a home or an assisted-living location.

The services offered to help YOU, Boomers and Seniors, plan retirement for your comfortable living include:

~ Seminars and resources on retirement issues and needs
~ Assistance in planning your retirement – body, soul & spirit
(Certified Health/Nutrition Consultant, Staging & Re-Design, Business, Theology) ~ Assistance with organizing financial and personal documentation
~ Coordination of Drop-in Companionship for talks, walks, reading.
~ Information through articles and current up-dates
~ Newsletter subscription for the latest on current issues and topics.
~ Personal training on basic Internet to communicate with your children or grand-children
~ Personal and system Advocacy ~ Etc... What is YOUR personal need?

Among the Issues and Topics
covered to help YOU plan retirement for your comfortable living are:

~ Pre- and Post-Retirement ~ Housing ~ Chronic Illness ~ Alzheimer Disease ~ Ethnocultural considerations of Aging ~ Communication ~ Senior Nutrition and Fitness ~ Caregiving and Long-term Care ~ Canada’s Health Care System ~ Estate Planning ~ End of Life Planning ~ Canada’s Income Security Programs ~ and much much more.

As YOUR consultant on seniors and aging, I am dedicated to providing the highest quality of service possible to YOU, Boomer and Senior Client and your Caregiver.

As YOUR consultant on seniors and aging, I have completed a rigorous course of instruction and passed a comprehensive exam (in 2012) through the "Age-Friendly BusinesTM Academy". As such I understand the processes of aging, and how these processes influence the health, social, financial and spiritual considerations of mature Canadians.

As YOUR consultant on seniors and aging, I carry a code of professional responsibility, and place my clients’ best interests in the forefront at all times with utmost integrity.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pre- or post- retirement planning or your caring of an elderly, contact me by email, or by phone ...

Diane M. Hoffmann,
(CNC, ISRP, Ph.D./Th., Ord./IAGI)
Email: through the contact form on this web site
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