“Building Your Own Vision for Your Own Retirement”

Internet Action Webinar”

Hi! Diane Hoffmann here…

When you think of your retirement, what do you see?

What’s going to happen when you are ready to retire? Is your vision of retirement the same as your parents generation? Is the word “retirement” the right word to describe the next multi-phase journey of your life?

These questions and more will be explored in length in my “Building Your Own Vision for Your Own Retirement” Action Weminar, provided to help you make a comfortable transition into this important phase of your life.

The goal is to clarify the vision of YOUR retirement life FIRST, before – or in addition to -- considering your financial plan.

In this Action Weminar, you will find:

  • 16 myths and realities about retirement and getting older
  • 2 reasons why you don’t need a million dollars to retire ‘comfortably’
  • 6 common assumptions about retirement
  • 11 questions and considerations to clarify your vision of retirement
  • 14 common fears about retirement
  • 14 positive things to look forward to in retirement
  • 7 things to consider for when you shift into your retirement thinking
  • 4 considerations for change and flexibility
  • 5 keys for successful and comfortable retirement and planning

Plus informative discussions on the following:

  • The old way of thinking vs the New Retirement thinking
  • What to plan first
  • The traditional term to be re-defined
  • Goal sorting and goal setting
  • The foundation of a meaningful plan
  • Financial ‘comfort’ vs ‘success’
  • Retirement – A Life Transition
  • Where to find solutions about planning your retirement
  • What are the common or real issues?
  • Guidelines for preparation to retirement.
  • Resources on Retirement matters and Seniors issues

Who is this webinar for?

~ 50+ Boomers who are preparing for retirement
~ 60+ Seniors already retired but wanting to gain current information
~ Middle-age adults starting to think about preparing for retirement
~ Informal or Formal Caregivers of Seniors

Cost : Only $19.97

***Satisfaction Guaranteed:***
If you are not fully satisfied, let me know within 7 days and tell me why. I will arrange for a refund right away.

So, here is the LINK to OWN IT TODAY !

I'm looking forward to meet you at the Webinar :)